Make hearts SING with this Valentine’s Day Makers Kit!

Did you misplace the templates or instructions that came with your kit? PDF links below. (Make sure you print the templates at actual size!)

Step 1: Frame Board

  • Cut 4 strips of red electrical tape to fit the 4 sides of the foam board. Wrap and fold them around the edges to create a frame on all sides.

TIP: Cut a diagonal line on the ends of the electrical tape for cleaner corners.

Step 2: Trace Template

  • Place the transparency film on top of the heart templates. Use paper clips to hold the film and paper together; this will make it easier to trace. Trace one of the hearts onto the transparency film with permanent marker. You don’t need to fill in the heart – you just need the outline!

Step 3: Glue Tape

  • Pull the tape out of the cassette. Cut the tape so you have a loose end.
  • Take your transparency and flip it over. Apply your glue stick to the heart and slightly outside of the heart, then cut strips of tape and press them onto the glue until the entire heart is covered.
  • You don’t need to cover the whole film – just the inside, and slightly outside, of the heart.
  • Make sure you glue on the reverse side of your trace, so that the glue doesn’t erase your work!
  • You can glue a little at a time so it doesn’t dry out, but be careful around tape you already glued!
  • Aim for no gaps – you can gently apply more glue on any gaps and press on some more tape.
  • Let dry.

TIP: If you want your end product to have tape coming out both sides of the cassette, make sure there’s tape on both reels inside the cassette! You can use a pen or pencil to rewind/fast forward.

Step 4: Cut Out Heart

  • Cut out your heart, using your markings on the reverse side as a guide.

Step 5: Plan Layout

  • Place your heart and cassette on the foam board to determine where you want to glue them down.

Step 6: Glue Down

  • Heart: Apply the glue stick to the transparency film side of your heart. Adhere to the foam board.
  • Cassette: Apply the glue dots to the side of the cassette you don’t want to be seen. Make sure to focus your glue dots on the thicker part of the cassette. Place on the foam board and press down.

Step 7: Connect Cassette to Heart

  • Take a loose end of the tape coming out of the cassette. Apply a little of your glue stick to an end and place on the end of a vein of the heart. Repeat for the other loose end. You can also glue down the tape between the cassette and the heart as desired.

TIP: If there’s no tape on one of the reels, you can snip off a length of tape from the other reel and glue it down near the empty reel.


Contact Librarian Liz:

Thank you to the Carbondale community for donating their tapes!

This Makers Kit is based on the artwork of Erika Iris Simmons – thanks Erika for coming up with such an awesome concept!

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