Carbondale Hunger Helpers!

Carbondale Hunger Helpers

Join the CARBONDALE HUNGER HELPERS team in making recipe art for the Students Rebuild 2020 Hunger Challenge! From emergency relief to long-term agricultural programs, you can help fund projects that feed young people. For every artwork you create and submit between now and June 5, 2020, Students Rebuild will make a $6 donation to programs fighting hunger.

Ready to cook up some hope? Just take a picture of your recipe art and send it to:


Recipe art is an illustrated version of a recipe – an actual one or a more imaginative, conceptual one – that reflects culture, community, and connection. Here’s what one of our librarians made!

You can also make a recipe art for a stronger community, and you can use whatever art medium or materials you want!

How to Make a Recipe video
Hunger Challenger Art Guide

Check out the Carbondale Hunger Helper’s Team Page (and see what other teams are up to too!)

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