Schnucks Customer Card

Getting a Schnucks Customer Card is easy! 

  • Pick up your Schnucks Customer Card at Carbondale Public Library. 
  • We’ll activate the card for you.
  • Start using your card as you shop at Schnucks, and money will be donated to the library!

How does grocery shopping benefit the library?

The Schnucks Customer Card isn’t a discount card but a donation card. 

We receive a percentage of money based on your monthly purchases. We receive 1% on monthly purchases between $0-$300, 2% for $301-$600, and 3% for $601-$999. We don’t receive contributions for anything over $999. 

The system back tracks 7 days, so recent purchases will count. 

Purchases of lottery tickets and gift cards are excluded as well as tax.

Interested in a Schnucks Customer Card?

You can call us at 618-457-0354 or email us at We can get your information and have your card ready for you to pick up at the library. We will even mail it to you.

You can also pick up a card at Schnucks! Activate your card by calling 1-800-931-6528 or by going online to Remember to name Carbondale Public Library as your beneficiary!

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