Week 3 & 4: CSS Art!

We are joined by a special guest for Weeks 3 & 4 of Fall 2021 PNG: SIU TECH DAWGS! They’ll be teaching us how to make “digitally printed art” with HTML and CSS.

We’ll be using the platform CodePen to create our CSS Art projects, which are called Pens. Liz will provide the login info for the shared account in Discord. This account has several example collections. You can “Fork” a Pen made by another person, which makes a full copy of the project that you can edit. MAKE SURE TO RENAME YOUR PEN AND INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN THE TITLE.

Watch YouTuber CJ do a self portrait challenge!

CSS Art Examples

Chew on this!

How do browsers “print”?

What is HTML? What is CSS? How do they “print” content? Are they programming languages?

Why use HTML and CSS to make art? Why not SVG? What are the differences and similarities between HTML, CSS, vector images, and raster images?

Articles to think on

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