Grant & Nonprofit Information


Nonprofit Organizations 

grantsCarbondale Public Library’s Center for Effective Nonprofits (CEN) collection is available to aid your nonprofit organization in its day to day operations as well as in grant research and proposal writing. Come in and check out our collection of books and directories located on the first floor of the library. 
Carbondale Public Library is a Funding Information Network of the Foundation Center ( What does this mean? It means that we receive the Foundation Center’s core collection of electronic and print resources as well as provide a variety of supplemental materials and services in areas useful to grantseekers. The Foundation Center was established in 1956 and is the leading source of philanthropy worldwide. 

Search for Grants 

The websites below contain databases that due to licensing agreements can only be accessed within the library. 
  1. Foundation Center Databases: Foundation Directory Online
    Foundation Grants to Individuals Online
    Foundation Maps  
  2. Grant Forward  (See a librarian for login assistance.)
  3. Grant Station (See a librarian for login assistance.)

Websites to Help with Statistics 

  • City-Data. Find city statistics including population, business, housing and crime, to name a few.
  • United States Census Bureau. Find city, county and state population and economy statistics.
  • US Small Business Administration. Find business data and statistics including demographics and employment and income statistics.
  • Illinois Youth Survey. Find information on a variety of health and social indicators including substance use patterns and attitudes of Illinois youth.

Free websites

Nonprofit Associations and Networks 

How to Use the Foundation Directory Online (Foundation Center Database) (Ask a librarian to log you in. You must be at the library to use the database.)

There are “Search Tutorials,” and many different ways to search the Directory. Here’s one method for finding relevant foundations and grantmakers:

  • Click “Search Grantmakers”
  • Under “Fields of Interest” click “view index”
  • Choose one or more relevant terms. Mark the box that says “Exclude grantmakers not accepting applications. Click “Search.”
  • Each Grantmaker’s assets and total giving will give you an idea of how much money they have to give. Foundations in your own state may be more likely to give to organizations within your state. Sometimes you can guess whether a grantmaker supports locally or nationally based on their name. You can organize your results by clicking any of the headings.
  • Click on a potential grantmaker.  
  • Click “Limitations.” If your project would be excluded based on the limitations, move on to another grantmaker.
  • Look at “Purpose and Activities” and other information in the record to determine whether this is a suitable grantmaker for you. When you find a suitable grantmaker, use the E-mail or Print/Save features in that grantmaker’s record, so you can refer to it later. Read through all of the information in a grantmaker’s record, then use the other workshop documents to guide you as you research and pursue any available grants.